Hey there!

My name is Jacob Jeevan. Take a look around and if you would like to connect, email me at mail @ jacobjeevan dot me


FedEx Services

  • Developed a machine learning based virtual assistant using C# to help users with frequently asked questions.
  • Added functionality to internal tools using VB.NET and stored procedures to support over 20+ new countries.
  • Refactored frontend to improve user experience and reduce page loading time by using Javascript to dynamically fetch data.

Donate Gifts

  • Raised over $8k in Secret santa gift donations by developing backend API in a team of seven.
  • Facilitated donor user interactions with recipient users by developing a messaging system using Node.js.
  • Enabled recipient users to create Secret Santa wishes by expanding backend API using Express.js and MongoDB.
  • Developed unit tests using mocha to test the logic and functionality of backend API.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Master of Science in Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Link Shortener

- Developed Node.js backend to shorten and store Urls on MongoDB.
- Designed Frontend using Next.js and Tailwind CSS framework.
- Implemented CI/CD with deploy on push using Github actions and Dokku.
- v1 Stack: MongoDB, Express, Node.js and Next.js.

Job Tracker

- Developed a full stack Django app, with Mapbox integration, to track and visualize job applications by location.
- Integrated CI/CD tools to deploy on push to Digital Ocean servers.
- Created Cronjob to perform weekly database backups to S3.
- Reworked the project with React for frontend and Django with REST for backend.

Reddit Gild Predictor

- Created a script, as well as a GUI counterpart, to scrape Reddit data using PRAW.
- Trained models using machine learning algorithms to predict the gilding status of reddit comments.

Proficient: Java, Python, SQL
Familiar: C++, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Matlab
Mongoose, Numpy, Pandas, React.js, Scikit-Learn
Django, Express, ElectronJS, Node.js
MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Bash, Bootstrap, Git, Postman, WordPress

Fiction: Wheel of Time, Agatha Christie's books.
Nonfiction: Deep Work (Cal Newport), Age of Empathy (Frans De Waal), Everything is F*cked; a book about hope (Mark Manson), Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism (Ha-Joon Chang)


Jazz: Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Ryo Fukui
80s J-pop: Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi
Hip-hop: Nujabes, Anderson Paak, DJ Okawari, Pase Rock
Classical: Antonin Dvorak, Richard Wagner, Francisco Tarrega

Other Hobbies

Cooking: Mostly Asian Cuisine
Games: Mass Effect Series, Witcher Series, Civ Series, Stellaris
Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Space Dandy